• More possible with Kraaijkamp Makelaars Reach more potential buyers for your property than through most other estate agencies
  • As much broker as you want! Our approach is slightly different from that of most (traditional) real estate agencies and your wishes play an important role here
  • Purchase agent on a hourly rate On balance, a good purchasing agent does not have to cost money
  • No 9 to 5 mentality! We are open 6 weeks and can also be reached outside normal office hours
  • Drone photography We have recently started taking photos with a drone and we offer this for free!!!
  • Sharp valuation rates Do you need a valuation report? We provide this quickly and at a competitive rate
  • We are a member of the NVM And registered with the NRVT (Dutch Register of Real Estate Appraisers)
  • Free value indication We will be happy to tell you what you property is worth!
  • 20 years of experience in the Utrecht region Our customers rate us an average of 9.5 (and we are quite proud of that!!)

Welcome to the website of Kraaijkamp Makelaars.

Buying or selling a home

Buying and selling homes. These are big decisions that have an impact on your life for years. Therefore, they must be good and you want the risks to stay as small as possible. So are you looking for an experienced real estate agent that you trust and who can advise you in the way you want.
Modern services
Kraaijkamp Real Estate is an modern and enterprising Brokers agency in Utrecht, who thinks along with you and has its brokers services and reward systems adapted to the present time. Quality of service is our priority, but our approach is slightly different from that of most traditional estate agents and your wishes play an important role in this.
More than 20 years experience
With over 20 years of experience as an estate agent in Utrecht, we have a good picture of the housing stock in the different neighbourhoods and we offer excellent advice and guidance when buying or selling a property.
As much Real Estate Agent services as you want!
We are happy to arrange everything for you but you can also choose to do a few things yourself. That's why we offer various kinds of services, of which one will suit you best: As much Real Estate Agent services as you want! Whatever choice you make, you are always assured of our expert guidance.
Longer opening hours
We are open 6 days a week! Moreover, you can reach us outside normal office hours. The contact is always with the same person, very pleasant for you.
More possibilities
For sellers, it is good to know that we are able (by our comprehensive advertising packages for sales that may require additional support) to reach more potential buyers for your home than most other estate agents and brokers in the Utrecht region.
We would like to meet you
Through this website you can find out what we can do for you. In addition, we will be pleased to inform you personally and free of charge when choosing an estate agent. Just call or email us for an appointment. We would like to meet you.
Active in the city and region of Utrecht
We operate in a radius of 30 kilometers around Utrecht and especially in the places: Utrecht City, Leidsche Rijn, Vleuten, De Meern, Nieuwegein, IJsselstein, Woerden, Maarssendorp, Maarssenbroek, Breukelen, De Bilt, Bilthoven, Zeist, Soest, Driebergen Rijsenburg, Bunnik, Odijk, Werkhoven, Houten and Vianen, including all the (rural) areas around the places mentioned.
  • Purchasing (houses, apartments, student residences)
  • Selling (houses (all sizes), apartments, student residences)
  • Renting out (to expats and regular tenants)
  • Valuation (NWWI certified)
  • Other (styling or metamorphosis of problem houses, debt relief help, sustainability consultant)

All about Kraaijkamp Real Estate

With more than 15 years of experience as a real estate agent in the Utrecht region, we have a good picture of the housing supply in the various neighborhoods. We can provide you with excellent advice and guidance when buying or selling your home.

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